Kupang is the capital of the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. It is the biggest city and port on the island of Timor. The city played an important role during the Dutch and Portuguese colonial era as an important port and trading center.

Kupang is a multi-ethnic city of the tribe of Timor, Rote, Sabu, Flores, a small ethnic Chinese and immigrants from Ambon and several other tribes from other parts of Indonesia. The people are friendly. The scenery is stunning, with its great beaches and coral reefs, traditional villages on the higher ground near the mountain.

The city of Kupang has strong ties with Dili, the Capital City of Timor-Leste, so this direct short flight from Dili-Kupang is a perfect bridge to foster stronger relations between the two cities, especially for business or leisure.

Immigration and Visa requirements

There are 169 countries that receive a 30 day Indonesia free on arrival.

More information on the countries eligible for visa free can be seen on webste :


Similar to Timor Leste, Kupang has two seasons, the dry/summer (hotter months) season from October to March and the wet/rainy (cooler months) season is from April to September. The temperature range between 26-28 degrees Celcius.

Getting Around

You can try to use “bemo”. It’s a small vehicle that has been modified to use as a public transport. Kupang’s bemo is somewhat unique. The owner would compete to put decorations and accessories to outdone the other vehicle. They also install a loud sound system, so this bemo would look like a motorized music box.

Places of Interest

Lasiana Beach is the main spot to unwind, enjoy beautiful beach and local food. Oenesu waterfall is a little oasis just outside the city. There’s also few caves around the city if you feel like doing something a little bit more adventurous. You can also visit a place where they make ‘Sasando’. Sasando is a harp-like traditional string instrument, made out of bamboo, strings and dried Palmyra leaves (lontar). 

Eating Out

Pasar Malam (Night Market) is a popular dinner location for both tourists and locals. It specializes in grilled fish accompanied by sambal Kupang. Superb. The fish size generally above average but the price is quite cheap. Other than seafood, chicken and other Indonesian popular dish are available as well.

Clothing and Footwear

Clothing should be light, cool and comfortable. Conservative dress is recommended for women and nudity by anyone in public places is considered very offensive. A fleece top and wet weather gear is highly recommended for those who are going for a mountain trek.

Closed light footwear and solid trekking sandals will be best to travel around Dili. But for walk through jungle or bush, sturdy shoes are a must, and reef shoes are advisable for snorkeling and diving.

Money and Banking

The official currency in Kupang is Rupiah. Consult your local bank whether your credit card and ATM card will work in Kupang. All major Indonesian bank has a branch in Kupang.