Expectant Mothers

expectant_motherExpectant mothers in good health may be accepted for travel subject to the following conditions:



For Normal Pregnancy 

Expectant mothers in good health up to the 35th week of pregnancy may be accepted. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, passengers will not be accepted

For Known Cases of multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets in the pregnancy)

Expectant mothers will multiple pregnancy up to 32nd week of pregnancy may be accepted. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, passenger will not be accepted

Conditions of acceptance

At any stage of pregnancy, passengers should hold a certificate of fitness for air travel from the attending gynecologist. This certificate should state that the expectant mother is fit to travel and indicated the estimated date of delivery.

For reservations made more than 1 month between booking and departure dates: a new certificate should be issued (by the attending gynecologist) not more than 3 days before departure.

Request of supplementary oxygen for expectant mothers: if a passenger makes a request for supplementary oxygen on board the flight, Air Timor must be notified in advance. However, applicable charges apply.

Consult your Doctor

It is the passengers responsibility to consult her doctor before undertaking a flight. Medical guidance must be obtained before making a reservation and informing the doctor of the proposed itinerary. The number of weeks she is pregnant at the time the doctor signs the certificate of her fitness for air travel must be clearly stated in the certificate. The Estimated Date of Delivery should also be indicated in the medical certificate. The medical certificate should be presented at check-in if requested.

Emergency Exit Row

Expectant mothers cannot be assigned or seated at the Emergency Exit Rows.