Air Cargo Consignments


Air Timor air cargo to and from Dili is consigned via Singapore using a Silk Air A320 aircraft. As Silk Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, we recommend Singapore Airlines for cargo to Singapore as air cargo transfer procedures are already in place.

Other ports of departure – contact the air cargo agent in the port of departure for latest delivery times, costs and procedures.

All air cargo agents have been advised that no consignment is to be accepted for forwarding to Dili via Singapore unless the following documentation is provided:

  1. Commercial invoice must be prepared and provided to the air cargo agent. This must be on company letterhead addressed to the company receiving the goods on Dili
  2. Statement of contents must be prepared and provided to the Air Cargo agent. This document must contain the approximate weight of the consignment, the number of packages delivered to the freight agent and a detailed description of the goods.
    Any consignments without this paperwork will not be accepted by the Air Cargo agent.


Before we can accept any cargo for carriage, there are certain procedures to be followed. These relate to the following: Documentation, Weight and Volume, Size, Nature of Contents, Packing, Destination. (Note – Cargo will not be accepted for carriage in the cabin.)

All shipments must be accompanied by necessary shipping documents e.g. export permits,  commercial  invoices,  and  if  need  be,  consular  invoices,  health certificates, certificate of origin etc. The local customs regulations and restrictions must be complied at all times.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to prepare shipping documents correctly to prevent any delays at point of departure/arrival.

For more detailed information please do contact one of our appointed agents found here.


An  air-waybill is a contract of carriage between shipper and airline for transportation of goods.  It is important that the air-waybill is completed in detail and the information written is legible.

According to the condition of carriage in the contract, the shipper shall prepare the  air-waybill  and  shall be responsible for  the accuracy  of  the particulars and statements relating to the goods, which he inserts on the air-waybill. The shipper  shall  be liable  for  any damage,  suffered  by  the carrier  or any other person  by reasons of the irregularity, incorrectness or incompleteness of the said particulars and statements, whether the air-waybill is prepared by himself or on his behalf by carriers or appointed agents. The shipper also confirms that they agree to the Conditions of Carriage printed on the reverse side of the air-waybill.


Carriage of dangerous goods is NOT permitted under any circumstances.


Carriage of live animals is NOT permitted under any circumstances. Live animals are not permitted in the passenger cabin under international regulations, and the cargo compartments in the A320 aircraft are neither pressurised nor temperature controlled.


  1. The maximum per piece weight of cargo is 150kg (Inclusive of packaging).
  2. The  maximum allowable load density is 60kg/sq foot.
  3. Each piece of cargo dimension remains as below for :
    1. A320 – 170cm x 145cm x 117cm
    2. For maximum uplift (space) potential we recommend avoiding the use of pallets when and where possible.

For more detailed information please do contact one of our appointed agents found here.  


Cargo Door DimensionCargo Door Dimension2