Passengers with Special Needs

passengers_with_special_needsFor those passengers requiring special assistance, for example, elderly passengers, Unaccompanied Minor (UM), Young Passenger (YP), you may wish to contact us for more details.

Charges will be applicable where special assistance is required and payable at time of check in.


Air Timor through its partnering operator SilkAir provides stretcher service (charges apply) for individuals who must remain in a reclined position during the flight. There must be a qualified personnel (preferred their medical doctor) accompanying all stretcher passengers. If supplementary oxygen is required together with the stretcher, additional arrangements must be made with our Operations Department.

As the stretcher needs to be set up and installed on the flight from Singapore, we would require our stretcher passengers to give us at least 72-hour advance notification. In addition to that, we would require a medical certificate from your doctor to certify fitness to travel.

Supplementary Oxygen

Air Timor through its partnering operator SilkAir is able to provide a Supplementary Oxygen Kit (SOK) onboard a flight, subject to regulations set by the respective countries.

We would require you to make the request for this service by contacting your local SilkAir office at least 72 hours in advance. This is to allow us the time to seek medical clearance and prepare the equipment necessary for your safe travel.

An extra seat is required to strap the oxygen bottle next to the passenger. However, more than one seat may be required depending on the oxygen flow rate/mode and the flight time, which in turn determines the number of bottles to be uplifted. Charges apply for each extra seat used. For safety reasons, carriage of your own oxygen bottle is not allowed on our flights.

We would also require our passenger to provide a medical certificate from your physician indicating fitness to travel without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight.

Please also note that the emergency exit row seats and aisle seats will not be available for your selection.